Monday, February 16, 2015

Egypt's SISI Strikes ISIS

Egypt officially enters the war against ISIS in retaliation for the Islamist terrorist network's public beheading of 21 of its Coptic Christians. New Egyptian President El-SiSi who ousted the Obama-backed Morsi and its terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, vowed revenge for the brutal murders by pounding the terrorists inside Libya. Al-Sisi has also called the fragile international coalition to step up their campaign against the extreme Islamist terrorists who are now only 500 miles from the southern coast of Italy and have vowed to "conquer" its capital, Rome

While President Obama continues to push for a deal with Iran which will inevitably result in their development of a nuclear weapon, Yemen has also fallen to Iranian-backed terrorists. As little as four months ago, Obama declared his anti-terrorist approach (if you want to call it that) a "success" in Yemen. Meanwhile, the American diplomats currently serving there were forced to abandon the country so quickly, they left the keys in the ignitions of their getaway vehicles. Meanwhile Obama steadfastly refuses to identify the Islamist terrorists for who they are, while at the same time, snubbing and displaying outright hostility at Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr. Obama, who promised an entirely transparent presidency is doing just that...he is being openly transparent about where his sympathies lie.


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