Friday, February 27, 2015

Writer's Brutal Slaying a Warning to the World

Those who support Barack Obama's political goal of striking up a nuclear deal with Islamist Terrorist sponsor Iran...Those who actually believe the Orwellian double-speak of SOS Kerry when he tells Congress that we have never been safer despite ISIS...Those who believe that the Christian/Judeo/Western world doesn't face an imminent existential threat from the very Islamist terrorists who President Obama refuses to identify either for reasons of complacency, appeasement, and/or genuine sympathy, might want to take a good hard look at Bangladeshi-American writer Avijit Roy, 42, of Georgia, USA.

Just yesterday, Avijit, a self-proclaimed Free-Thinker, and his wife were leaving the Bangladesh Book Fair when they were viciously attacked by a horde of machete-wielding Islamist Fundamentalists who do not like what his books and her blogs have to say about the realities of Hard-Core Islam. In the end, Roy was butchered to death mercilessly while his wife was hospitalized with severe stab wounds and one amputated finger.

So much for global Freedom of Speech.

These two writers were brave and steadfast in their beliefs. They were also trying to do something our weak President doesn't have the stomach for. That is, warn us that evil exists in our world, and it comes in the form of Extreme Fundamentalist Islam.

For the full story click here.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Egypt's SISI Strikes ISIS

Egypt officially enters the war against ISIS in retaliation for the Islamist terrorist network's public beheading of 21 of its Coptic Christians. New Egyptian President El-SiSi who ousted the Obama-backed Morsi and its terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, vowed revenge for the brutal murders by pounding the terrorists inside Libya. Al-Sisi has also called the fragile international coalition to step up their campaign against the extreme Islamist terrorists who are now only 500 miles from the southern coast of Italy and have vowed to "conquer" its capital, Rome

While President Obama continues to push for a deal with Iran which will inevitably result in their development of a nuclear weapon, Yemen has also fallen to Iranian-backed terrorists. As little as four months ago, Obama declared his anti-terrorist approach (if you want to call it that) a "success" in Yemen. Meanwhile, the American diplomats currently serving there were forced to abandon the country so quickly, they left the keys in the ignitions of their getaway vehicles. Meanwhile Obama steadfastly refuses to identify the Islamist terrorists for who they are, while at the same time, snubbing and displaying outright hostility at Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr. Obama, who promised an entirely transparent presidency is doing just that...he is being openly transparent about where his sympathies lie.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jordanian Retaliation a Lesson for Obama Passivity

Jordan's King Abdullah II has taken a defiant stand against the Islamic Extremists who brutally burned alive Lt. Kasasbeh, 26, the Jordanian air force pilot who was shot down over ISIS held territory some months ago. While Jordan had considered a swap for the pilot in exchange for two Iraqi-born Islamist terrorists being held in a Jordanian prison, the exchange fell through when proof of life could not be determined. In the end, it was discovered that ISIS was lying through their teeth during the negotiation process since the pilot had already been burned to death in front of cameras on January 3rd.

Not only has Abullah promised severe military retaliation against ISIS for their senseless slaughter of Kasasbeh, he, along with Tribal Jordanians, has distinguished himself from the passive President Obama by, one, clearly identifying the enemy by referring to them as Islamic Extremists, and two, immediately ordering the execution of the two Iraqi terrorists who were originally to be swapped.

President Obama, on the other hand, has released dozens of Islamic terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility, upwards of 20% of whom have re-engaged in terrorist activities or are currently seeking out ways to re-enter the fight. Five of these terrorists were exchanged for US Army soldier, Bowe Bergdhal, who is currently being charged as a deserter. It should also be noted that while Obama has condemned the recent beheadings of several US journalists and aide workers operating within Syria, he has taken no retaliatory action against ISIS, other than strategic air strikes, which have proven largely ineffective. 


Friday, January 16, 2015

Bill Clinton Nails It

Last night former President Bill Clinton issued his take on the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris by Radical Muslims, plus the slaughter of innocent children in Pakistan by the same evil bastards. And what's interesting, is that he does so without mincing words on behalf of political correctness and at one point insisting that "peaceful" Muslims step up to the plate to lead the charge in eradicating what Clinton describes as total "madness." 

Let's hope the Obama administration takes a cue from the elder statesman.
Identify your enemy, and then destroy it. 


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Profound Denial or Sympathy for the Devil?

Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, masterminds behind the Paris massacre of Jan 7 are still at large. On the right, Parisians display their solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

President Obama appeared to be profoundly disturbed yesterday when queried about the Radical Muslim attacks on the Paris-based Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine. Despite overwhelming evidence that the murderous attacks resulting in 12 killed and 11 wounded were carried out by militarily trained radical Islamists, he refused to refer to them as such.

Meanwhile, former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, in speaking with CNN about the alarming global spread of radical Muslim Extremism attempted to unrealistically undermine the severity of the situation by calling them a "cult."

ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other radical factions bent on destroying Christians, Jews, Westerners, and just about anyone who does not agree with their fanatical beliefs and who control large swaths of territory in the Middle East, possess billions of dollars in cash, oil reserves, military equipment, Internet networks, a slick online propaganda magazine, and much more, is hardly a cult. It is a formidable "Jihadist" global power bent on world domination.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Radical Islam's War Against the West Rapidly Going Global

Radical Islam's war on the west is rapidly going global. Australia, Canada, Kenya, and now Paris have been the recipient of organized, if not militaristic, terrorist attacks. The most recent attack in Paris, in which a newspaper that often denounces Radical Islam, became the target of at least four well-armed killers, is strong evidence that what up until now have been termed 'lone wolf' attacks are actually organized operations targeting both western civilians, and now, freedom of the press.

The Obama administration, while referring to the violent action as a "terrorist" attack, has yet to give it the designation of a Radical Islamist attack, despite eyewitness accounts of gunman declaring their love and obedience to Allah as they hastily made their escape in a black getaway car. In a speech declaring US solidarity with France, Secretary of State Kerry backed the sentiments of a Paris Imam while also falling short of faulting Radical Islamists for the murderous attack.

Is it possible the US is about to fall victim to a similar attack soon?
Many agree that such an attack is not only possible but inevitable given our current political climate.



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas: A Reflection and a Plan

For some, Christmas is a day to open presents, eat and drink a lot, and generally party it up with friends and family. This is my first holiday season home in a quite a while, so for me it's all of those things but also a time of reflection. Astrologers say that Cancers are always looking back at the past as if thirty years ago were yesterday. But today, Christmas Day, December 25, 2014, I'm looking forward.

Here's what I'm looking forward to in 2015:

--The release of my new big stand-alone thriller, Everything Burns, on Feb 1. This novel, from Thomas & Mercer, will be the first in my Albany Noir Trilogy. I am making a prediction that it hits the Top 10 for all books in Kindle right out of the gate (How about them apples Mr. Kennedy!?).

--2015 will also see the completion of the second in the Albany Trilogy, Orchard Grove, as well as my new international thriller, Lost Grace (new title pending). Scream Catcher will be republished under my own label, Bear Media, but there's a surprise in store for this project. It will published in six episodes, much like an online television series. Each piece will stand alone, but propel the overall plot of a serial killer who records the screams of his victims as they are dying with his cell phone (Where do I come up with this stuff? I don't know. I think my parents dropped me on my head when I was a baby...)

--I'll be writing the third installment in the Chase Baker series. This one taking place, in part, in Nepal, India, and beyond, and will rely on the research trip I took to each country this past summer. (The Chase Baker series has been holding court in the Top 50 for Amazon International Thrillers in the UK for months)

--I'm currently planning another adventure for the late winter, early spring. I'm not about to divulge the location because I haven't quite decided what it will be and on which continent. Of course, funding is always a challenge, but I'll manage to scrape up the casheshe. It will be doozy I guarantee.

--On a personal note, this is also the year I hope to become a better dad, a better friend, cut down on the beer (just a little), eat healthier, become more spiritual, push aside politics, spend time in Florence, Paris, and Madrid, and in general, live the life.

Thanks to my fans who have made that "life" possible. You are the greatest gift any writer can receive for the Holidays.

Cheers and God bless!