Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jordanian Retaliation a Lesson for Obama Passivity

Jordan's King Abdullah II has taken a defiant stand against the Islamic Extremists who brutally burned alive Lt. Kasasbeh, 26, the Jordanian air force pilot who was shot down over ISIS held territory some months ago. While Jordan had considered a swap for the pilot in exchange for two Iraqi-born Islamist terrorists being held in a Jordanian prison, the exchange fell through when proof of life could not be determined. In the end, it was discovered that ISIS was lying through their teeth during the negotiation process since the pilot had already been burned to death in front of cameras on January 3rd.

Not only has Abullah promised severe military retaliation against ISIS for their senseless slaughter of Kasasbeh, he, along with Tribal Jordanians, has distinguished himself from the passive President Obama by, one, clearly identifying the enemy by referring to them as Islamic Extremists, and two, immediately ordering the execution of the two Iraqi terrorists who were originally to be swapped.

President Obama, on the other hand, has released dozens of Islamic terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility, upwards of 20% of whom have re-engaged in terrorist activities or are currently seeking out ways to re-enter the fight. Five of these terrorists were exchanged for US Army soldier, Bowe Bergdhal, who is currently being charged as a deserter. It should also be noted that while Obama has condemned the recent beheadings of several US journalists and aide workers operating within Syria, he has taken no retaliatory action against ISIS, other than strategic air strikes, which have proven largely ineffective. 


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