Friday, February 27, 2015

Writer's Brutal Slaying a Warning to the World

Those who support Barack Obama's political goal of striking up a nuclear deal with Islamist Terrorist sponsor Iran...Those who actually believe the Orwellian double-speak of SOS Kerry when he tells Congress that we have never been safer despite ISIS...Those who believe that the Christian/Judeo/Western world doesn't face an imminent existential threat from the very Islamist terrorists who President Obama refuses to identify either for reasons of complacency, appeasement, and/or genuine sympathy, might want to take a good hard look at Bangladeshi-American writer Avijit Roy, 42, of Georgia, USA.

Just yesterday, Avijit, a self-proclaimed Free-Thinker, and his wife were leaving the Bangladesh Book Fair when they were viciously attacked by a horde of machete-wielding Islamist Fundamentalists who do not like what his books and her blogs have to say about the realities of Hard-Core Islam. In the end, Roy was butchered to death mercilessly while his wife was hospitalized with severe stab wounds and one amputated finger.

So much for global Freedom of Speech.

These two writers were brave and steadfast in their beliefs. They were also trying to do something our weak President doesn't have the stomach for. That is, warn us that evil exists in our world, and it comes in the form of Extreme Fundamentalist Islam.

For the full story click here.


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