Sunday, August 8, 2010

To MY Readers: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure what it is about Sunday mornings that make people, or me anyway, reflect. Of course, I'm always thinking about what I have yet to accomplish and what I've already managed to accomplish, however successful or otherwise. But on Sunday mornings the whole process is that much more pronounced and in your face.

Some people go to church and think a lot there, and others like me go for a long run and hit the gym and in many ways that's like going to church. Still others just lie in bed and dread the coming week. I thank God I'm not included in the latter category.

This morning, while I sip coffee on the stone terrace outside my apartment, I thank God that I have a new publisher, a couple of new books that are doing great, new books in the works, old books being republished, new trips to look forward too, new friends to make, healthy kids and parents, my own health, and even now at 46, lots of hopes and dreams and goals.

I'm also grateful to the many fans and readers who have bought my books (especially The Remains which has been an Amazon bestseller and Hot New Release for weeks and weeks...) and gracefully, not to mention patiently, put up with my rather aggressive online marketing approach. I owe you guys my life and I won't forget that you deserve the best writing I can produce. Anything less than that would be like cheating on your spouse.

So, I'm about to go for a run, and soak in the sun on this beautiful Sunday in upstate New York. And once again to my readers:

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!

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