Friday, July 8, 2011

ThrillerFest: Day 1.25

"The Mover and Shaker is again having its day!!!"

Landed in NYC late last evening, but managed to crash the opening cocktail reception on the ballroom floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel beside Grand Central Station. Authors Steve DeWinter and Rebecca Holdsworth were already working the crowd. I bumped into...literally...Mysterious Bookstore Owner, publisher, and all around man-about-town Otto Penzler. When I said, "Hey Otto," he searched for a nametag on my person, but I hadn't yet registered. Finished the reception by chatting it up with Cosmo Editor in Chief and bestselling novelist Kate White, who hails not far from my hometown. What an awesome person.

My publisher and stud man, Aaron Patterson showed up at the hotel bar, and we downed a few while speaking about world domination for our StoneHouse/StoneGate titles. My own THE REMAINS jumped 3000% that afternoon to break the Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Kindle E-Books for the second time this year. Serendipity? Divine Providence? Freaking luck? Hard bloody work? Who knows...Probably all of the above.

Awesome steak frit and red wine at Deux Amis last evening in Hell's Kitchen.

Today, lunch with Abby Zidle of Simon and Schuster at 12:15, and from there, the Photographic Museum which is not far from here. Photo-journalism's home...

I'm hot...I'm on fire...It's my time....Or so I keep trying to convince myself...But that's just silly.
Mostly I'm just humbled by the collection of talent at this thing. Makes me want to write harder...

More to come....

Ciao Ciao


  1. Congrats on that book. When you started your mantra I'm hot...I'm on fire. I immediately thought of the song It's not my time. It would make a great Zandri theme song of 2011

  2. Keep on rockin' it Zandri! :)