Saturday, July 9, 2011

ITW: Day 2.67

"Now on the conference schedule..."

Stole away this morning to grab coffee and fresh bread in Grand Central station. In typical Vin manner, the more things get organized and feel like lemmings being led to the slaughter, the more I break away from the heard and do my own thing (ok, the slaughter thing is a bit dramatic and fictional, but this is ITW after all...).

Today however will feature an exciting opp for yours truly while I join a panel of fellow international thriller writers about researching foreign locales. Should be cool. I've not only worked as a foreign correspondent but I spend a couple of months in Florence, Italy every year working on my novels. I've also traveled all over Europe and Asia as a Ghost Writer, a part-time gig I no longer engage in. One person's aesthetic never ever matches up precisely with another's. My ghosting experiences always ended up in a fist-fight or the very least shit storm of slanderous accusations, screams, threat of lawsuit and eventually, only two-thirds of my promised payments.

Some writers have trouble taking orders...

Anyway, I'm off for a run, and a quick subway ride downtown, and then back up to the conference for the panel. Later on, the formal cocktail reception and awards banquet. I've never won an award. But perhaps if I were more of a team player I might win something (the author, thinking about it for a second...Nahhhhh, I'll keep doing my own thing)...

Ciao Ciao


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  1. Who needs awards when you have smashing royalties?