Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Who doesn't love Die Hard?

"Yippee ki yay, mofo!"
I know I do. Who can forget Bruce Willis, aka John McClain, fighting the bad guys in his bare feet after they'd hijacked the Nakatomi (sp) Towers in LA? Or in Die Hard 2 (Die Harderer, or something like that), being blown out of a fighter jet after pulling the eject lever? You just couldn't kill the guy no matter what you did to him.

I wanted to write a book like that. Something explosive and pyromania-like. But I also wanted my main character, Ike Singer, to be human, with a nice family, who had the will to live when evil unexpectedly arrived at their doorstep. In this case the evil takes the form of an attractive young blonde scientist, Dr. Allison Darling, who builds nanothermite bombs, knows how to use them as a weapon of terror, and has one very major grudge against Singer.

With that I give you The Detonator which is released today in hardcover and eBook from Polis Books. If you start reading it and find you can't stop, I will have done my job. It was constructed as a page turner and an attention grabber. These days, writers have to compete with everything from Twitter posts to Netflix. We have our work cut out for us.

Get The Detonator

--Publishers Weekly

"Only author Vincent Zandri can make readers understand the meaning of revenge, hate, greed, betrayal and the dangers of getting involved with bombs, pipe bombs, and being a Master Blaster. This book would really hit high ratings on the WIDE SCREEN!"
--Sam Freene



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