Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I hate being sick because...

I think I look a little pale...

Okay, well, who actually likes being sick? So the title of this is sort of dumb I guess. But cut me some slack, I'm sick.

Sick with the flu.

I'm one of those dudes who's in denial about even the slightest cold so that nothing comes in the way of me and my routine. By routine I mean, my daily word count, my daily cardio and strength training programs, my travel, my Jeep, my hikes, my drinks at the bar, my big dinners, my general attitude of  life is way to freaking short so you'd better enjoy the most out of everyday (I'm getting to the age where I'm wanting to enjoy every minute, but you get the idea).

So I go into denial until the fever kicks in, or the headache and chills, and the post nasal drip, the burning nasal passages...You know the deal. We've all been sick and we will be again. But I don't often get sick, unless that is, it's my own fault. Attempting 52 street tacos in Guatemala within three days comes immediately to mind. But that's another story.

In order to combat the sickness or more specifically in this case, a virus, I try to maintain as normal a schedule as possible. I try and go for a short jog since I'm a big believer in sweating out the bug (this actually works...Google it). I'll put in a light lift. Nothing that's gonna make me sicker, but enough to let the virus invading my body know who's boss. But on the other hand, I'll try and get as much rest as possible. Last night I slept on and off for eleven hours. That's not a watershed of sleep for me. That's a geyser.

But I will also work. Work shall not only set you free, it takes your mind off the fact that you're sick, and therefore, you just might recover that much quicker (sorry about the work shall make you free reference, but it simply came immediately to mind...).

I'm eating a lot of Sudafed and Advil's, but I'm also hydrating and eating chicken soup. If I can do another eleven hours, I just might be on the upswing tomorrow, and my daily routine will once again be my bitch. #FUFLU




  1. Awww, feel better soon. All those things you love (routine) will still be there waiting for you :)