Sunday, January 7, 2018

Dear President Trump, please call me a phony pretty please...

A POTUS endorsed bestseller whether Trump likes it or not

You have to be living under a very large rock not to know about President Trump's ongoing war with the media, especially the left leaning media, which he labels fake news. These includes print/online outlets like The New York Times and television networks like NBC, as well as cable networks like MSNBC and especially CNN. More recently, a book called Fire and Fury by journalist Michael Wolff was released four days earlier than expected just this week precisely because the POTUS labeled it trash and phony news written by a hack and a fraud.

It's quite the battle royale going on and on and on, and it's as juicy as all hell. Yet there's an amazing phenomenon occurring every time the President lambastes his media enemies. They sell more products and in turn, they make boatloads of casheshe.

Until Trump came along, the New York Times was indeed failing, as a business entity anyway. CNN and MSNBC always lagged behind Fox News in the ratings, and a book like Fire and Fury, which would have been just one "tell-all" book among many, might have enjoyed its few weeks on the Amazon bestseller list then faded into relative obscurity. Instead the book is killing it and, I suspect, already into its second print run (print runs these days, even for major publication events, are not what they used to be even five years ago).

All of these media darlings who slam Trump and in the process gain his undivided attention and even earn themselves the prize of prizes: a furious Trump tweet and a nickname to go with it (former campaign chair Steve Bannon is now Sloppy Steve...Lucky him) ought to be sending the POTUS a fruit basket thanking him.

That said, I hope the President picks up one of my novels and declares, "What a bunch of bull..." and then I hope he takes to Twitter. "Phony Vince Zandri." I will instantly become major league credible among the masses. My book sales will skyrocket and I will buy a new house. Mara Lago is awfully nice this time of year.



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