Monday, May 29, 2017

Layovers and Tiger Woods

We all mess up now and again...
I've been up since 2:30 am, so if this seems like a bunch of garbled words, well it probably is. Add to that a couple shots of Jamesons, plus a Valium, and you get the idea. I'm heading down to Central America to research yet another Chase Baker pulp action thriller. Since the latest Chase Baker just arrived on the scene a month of two ago, Chase Baker the Dutch Diamond, and there's also one waiting to be edited, Chase Baker and the Spear of Destiny, this one will not be released probably until early '18.

I'm also close to 20K words into the first Young Chase Baker novel. It's a YA novel. My first. What a joy it's been writing in the teenage adolescent Chase voice. In some ways, it's much more of a challenge than the contemporary takes since the period is not only different (1979), the voice is different. Obviously, Chase isn't as slick, experienced, or as educated as he is now. But he is ballsy, if not too ballsy, and he is, as always, in trouble with the ladies. What's also interesting, is that his dad is alive in this series. In fact, his dad is younger than the contemporary Chase is now, yet he refers to him as his "old man."

Right now, the working title is Young Chase Baker and the Cross of the Last Crusade. A bit of a mouthful, but so what. It's my book, my show. In the meantime, my newest release is a new novella in the PI Jack Marconi series. Arbor Hill. Released this past Friday, it's already killing it, so grab a copy at any distributor from Kobo to Amazon, while it's priced to sell. Tomorrow, the price normalized.

Time for me to pack up the laptop and head down to the gate, with maybe a pit stop at the bar for one more Jamesons. Then a nap on the plane to Guatemala. And what the hell is this I hear Tiger Woods got busted for a DUI (dee wee)? I leave for a few hours and the whole world goes to hell. Well, poor Tiger is living proof that greatness is not immune to the occasional screw up. I wish him well, and that he gets his shit together fast, which I'm sure he will. Watch for the media to blow this whole this out of proportion. Oh, well, the mainstream media outlets gotta keep moving those Pampers and Budweiser Beer...

Thanks God I'm not driving.

See yah next stop...



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