Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Keeping Up the Promised Pace

This year I committed myself to putting out a piece of fiction every month. At the very least, a short story, more than likely a novella, and on occasion, a full-length novel. I've also produced another Chase Baker Boxed Set, but that doesn't count. And of course, all this is separate from the novels my traditional publishers put out on my behalf. Which means I've been a busy little bee, and so has my editorial/art team.

On Friday, the 6th Jack Marconi PI story, in this case, a novella will be released. It's called Arbor Hill and came to me in the form of a story a buddy of mine told me last month over a beer. A poor soul went on a date with a woman, a dentist mind you, who took him for $10K on his credit card. Oh, and she would not have sex with him with a condom on. Naturally she pulled the, "I think I'm pregnant" thing on him a week or two later.

Jeeze, I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for the poor sap, or slap some sense into him. Such is the dilemma Jack Marconi PI faces now that said poor soul has hired him to get his money back.

You can still pro-order this one at a very special price (on Amazon that is):

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But you can buy it now at


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It's a killer story and you can read it one sitting or over the course of a couple of nights.
BTW: As a hybrid writer, I can now confidently report, that I am making double and in some cases triple/quadruple the sales on my indie books than I am my traditionally published efforts. Which leaves me feeling conflicted. Do I pursue more independent opportunities with my own label, Bear Media, or stay true to hybrid authorship?

Time will tell.    

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