Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Radical Islam's War Against the West Rapidly Going Global

Radical Islam's war on the west is rapidly going global. Australia, Canada, Kenya, and now Paris have been the recipient of organized, if not militaristic, terrorist attacks. The most recent attack in Paris, in which a newspaper that often denounces Radical Islam, became the target of at least four well-armed killers, is strong evidence that what up until now have been termed 'lone wolf' attacks are actually organized operations targeting both western civilians, and now, freedom of the press.

The Obama administration, while referring to the violent action as a "terrorist" attack, has yet to give it the designation of a Radical Islamist attack, despite eyewitness accounts of gunman declaring their love and obedience to Allah as they hastily made their escape in a black getaway car. In a speech declaring US solidarity with France, Secretary of State Kerry backed the sentiments of a Paris Imam while also falling short of faulting Radical Islamists for the murderous attack.

Is it possible the US is about to fall victim to a similar attack soon?
Many agree that such an attack is not only possible but inevitable given our current political climate.



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