Thursday, January 8, 2015

Profound Denial or Sympathy for the Devil?

Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, masterminds behind the Paris massacre of Jan 7 are still at large. On the right, Parisians display their solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

President Obama appeared to be profoundly disturbed yesterday when queried about the Radical Muslim attacks on the Paris-based Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine. Despite overwhelming evidence that the murderous attacks resulting in 12 killed and 11 wounded were carried out by militarily trained radical Islamists, he refused to refer to them as such.

Meanwhile, former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, in speaking with CNN about the alarming global spread of radical Muslim Extremism attempted to unrealistically undermine the severity of the situation by calling them a "cult."

ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other radical factions bent on destroying Christians, Jews, Westerners, and just about anyone who does not agree with their fanatical beliefs and who control large swaths of territory in the Middle East, possess billions of dollars in cash, oil reserves, military equipment, Internet networks, a slick online propaganda magazine, and much more, is hardly a cult. It is a formidable "Jihadist" global power bent on world domination.


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