Monday, June 9, 2014

Colbert Declares War On Amazon and Me

                                           Books not selling on Amazon Stephen? That sucks, dude.

That knucklehead pee-in-your-pants class clown Stephen Colbert trashed Amazon Publishing a few days ago on his show because his books are aren't selling fast enough on the Amazon site.

Me sitting at a pretend news desk wearing a cheap suit: "Maybe your books aren't all that good?"
(Laugh track) oops...Live audience supplied by free tickets handed out in Times Square....

You can see the clip from the show here, where Class Clown Colbert does something really clever like giving Amazon the finger....twice...and get this, his hand is stuffed inside an Amazon delivery box, bubble wrap and all...HAHAHA!

I almost pissed my pants it was so funny. Guy's got serious talent.

Hey Stephen, there's a reason Amazon sells 50% of the books that are purchased by the reading public. Because they offer a great product at a reasonable price.

You just declared WAR on Amazon. I publish with Amazon Publishing's imprint, Thomas & Mercer, which means you are at WAR with me. I'd be happy to face off with you on your show about my experiences with AP.

If you don't like it, you can flip me off ... To my face.



  1. Get'em tiger. I actually had an author refuse to have me link his book to Amazon and instead link it to his site where he's selling his book himself. Didn't know you could do that plus sell at Amazon but he might as well join the other Amazon naysayers. Where do people go to buy books? That's what you have to think about.

    1. Absolutely Dorothy...You and I have been working together for years and we've seen the evolution of a great retailer and a great publisher...

  2. Excellent rant, and true. But Colbert is often funny as hell.

    1. I agree Troy. But he's a cry baby. I want him to have me on his show, and I'll right his wrongs.