Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bergdahl Affair Begs the Question: Deserter or Double Agent?

Anyone who doesn't live under a rock or who doesn't limit their TV time to the House Wives of New Jersey and their radio time to the Lady Gaga channel on the Pandora, knows at least something about the Bowe Bergdahl story. You know, the "sort of POW" who was finally released from a five year captivity from Taliban captors entrenched deep in the mountains of Afghanistan. The release became controversial when his fellow platoon mates came forward and announced that Bergdahl was a deserter and should be tried for his crimes. Adding greatly to the controversy was the fact that Obama released five major league Taliban generals (or what's being termed the Taliban Dream Team) in exchange for the deserter. None of this made sense to me when I first heard the news and all I could be concerned about was this: Who on earth would negotiate with terrorists? Now, no American who travels abroad, solider and civilian alike, are safe. Terrorists will be happy to snatch you off the streets of Paris knowing that the USA will be happy to negotiate for your safe and very expensive return.

The left believes that the return of Bowe and the release of the five Gitmo prisoners was the humanitarian thing to do. The right believes that Bowe is a deserter who isn't worth the price of five dangerous Taliban members who will now, no doubt, return to the battlefield and kill more Americans.

You ask me, something isn't adding up here.

What if Bowe Bergdahl, was more than just a soldier? What if Bowe was in fact, working as a double agent? Check this article out from and decide for yourself.


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