Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Dick Moonlight Series in its Proper Order

The newest Moonlights have now been released by Thomas & Mercer of Amazon Publishing, the most powerful publishing house in the universe...The Dick Moolights have been coming at you at a pretty hot and heavy rate lately. That's a lot of dick (Ha!). And understandably, a lot of fans, or would be fans (fingers crossed), are asking me to place them in order so that they might start from the beginning of this very remarkable and uniquely Zandri series (I'm shaking my head and rolling my eyes for you...).

So here goes:
1. Moonlight Falls
2. Moonlight Mafia
3. Moonlight Rises
4. Blue Moonlight
5. Murder By Moonlight (Coming December 18, 2012)
6. Moonlight Sonata (Coming Spring 2013) 

So that's the run down peeps....Also, check out the new covers on Moonlight Falls Uncut and Moonlight Mafia which have been updated by StoneGate Ink in order to reflect the fine art the team at Thomas & Mercer did on all the other Moonlight novels.

Happy reading...and to order your Dick Moonlights....Go to:



  1. I like that cover for MOONLIGHT FALLS. That's pretty much the view out my office window. Minus the full moon of course.

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  5. Hey, Vin, I just went backward and read Moonlight Falls (uncut) and am wondering why Moonlight's name is Dick Divine. I am obviously missing something...
    Barbara Vink

  6. Just read Mafia. I can't stand those commercials. Thanks for taking care of that for me. LMAO

  7. Perhaps I am missing something, but...59 pages in Moonlight 9 and 58 pages ONLY in 10?