Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Terrorist Nuclear Blast Inevitable

For those of you who still believe the war in Afghanistan is unjust or spreading democracy in Iraq is a waste of precious resources or shutting down Gitmo is the humane thing to do, remember, Muslim Radicals want us dead. All of us. Now, in the wake of Obama's presence at the April 13 Nuclear Security Summit, White House spokespersons have warned that when the terrorist-triggered nuclear blast occurs, help for victims may take days. That's not, "if" a nuclear blast occurs. It's "when."

Says Rick Nelson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies: "Do I think in my lifetime I'll see the detonation of a nuclear device? I do."

And you thought The Road was fiction...

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  1. Thanks for that Vincent. Now I can stop sleeping at night again.... :>


  2. Sorry but I think this is nothing more than extremist hate propaganda! I don't believe it and I think that just about anything that tries to depict president Obama as a leftist liberal is racist, white supremacist bullshit.