Monday, March 29, 2010

Moscow Subway Bombed!

Two violent blasts ripped through the Moscow underground transit system early this morning killing more than 37 people. Reports indicate that two female suicide bombers strategically sought out the two locations for detonating their bombs, Park Kultury and Lubyanka, due to both location's reliable heavy volume of human traffic. While it is as yet unknown what group is behind the attacks, officials are calling it an act of "terrorism." At any one time, 2 million people are utilizing the Moscow subway system far beneath the city's surface. A similar bombing occurred in the underground metro in 2004 which claimed more than 40 lives and left 250 injured. get the full story here at RT.


  1. I always try to imagine what is going through their minds when they push that button? How can you, for whatever cause, just take human life so wantonly?

  2. Gee Vince, that's a little too close for my comfort level. I don't think I'd stay at that hotel again.

  3. That's a wee close for comfort, indeed. When one feels so strongly about an ideal they are willing/want to die for it there is a mixture of righteousness and derisiveness for the "collateral" damage dealt.