Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Apostle Rising" Author Richard Godwin Hits The Airwaves!

"Hey man, nice knife!"

As an author I often asked to blurb other author's new upcoming novels. The positive to this is that I not only get turned on to new and exciting writing, but I get free stuff. Namely books!!! The downside is I simply don't have the time to blurb all the books I'm asked to blurb so almost certainly I'm missing out on some great new offerings. I'm almost never disappointed with the books I blurb and in fact, I see a real trend coming about of noir authors who are taking real chances with their style, their use of POV, tense, imagery, etc., as opposed to the garden variety white bread dullness the NYTs insists we purchase on a weekly basis. One of these real risk takers I speak of is the British author Richard Godwin whose new novel, Apostle Rising, kept me up most nights while I was in Florence, Italy, trying to write my own new novel. Thanks a lot Richard! One of these nights you're going to wake up and find me standing at the end of your bed with a French knife in my hand. Ok, that's a little dramatic, but that's precisely what it felt like to read his new thriller. It's that good. So what's it really all about? Check out this new radio interview here and see for yourself. Then go hide under the covers!!!

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