Monday, October 7, 2019

My Radiation Poisoning

Inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Okay, so I grabbed your attention with a little click bait. But how do you really know I don't have radiation poisoning after visiting the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history? I'll know for sure if certain body parts start falling off.

Chernobyl was one surreal dystopian scene, let me tell you. Not sure how I'm going to use it in my fiction, but perhaps some of it will get into my Tanya Teal Corporate Wars Trilogy. We'll see.

The real surprise from my latest adventure came in the form of visiting Transistria, the Eastern European country that doesn't exist but does exist. How then could I have visited the place if it doesn't exist? Just Google it and you will see what I'm on about. It's the last vestige of the USSR. A place where Lenin and Stalin are still worshiped and you can meet someone for coffee on the corner of Lenin and Marx street. I'll be writing an article about my experience there in the coming days. Just know that it's a playground for Putin who is currently placing lots of tanks there and manufacturing weapons and ammo. The only reason they let Westerners in after a strict checkpoint search is simple. They need the damn money.

Papa Lenin in Transnistria

So now that I'm back from nearly three weeks researching four countries, one of which doesn't exist but does exist, I'm back to work. It's gonna take me some time to catch up with everything so bear with me. Here's what it looked like my first morning back (via YouTube).

I'll be signing dozens of hardcover editions of my newest novel with Polis Books, The Caretaker's Wife (which is now available in audio too), tomorrow at The Mysterious Bookshop in downtown Manhattan tomorrow October 8. Looking forward to it and I hope you grab your signed copy either by visiting the store directly or by going online.

It's good to be back and not under constant surveillance.

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