Monday, September 16, 2019

Proliferation, Profit, and Pulling Legs

This dude writes a lot

Or said simply, the more words I write, the more I get paid. I guess there's probably a mathematical equation that can be construed from this concept, but you don't need math to grasp the idea. Even when I write free words, like I do here on the Vox, I somehow make money from it, either by hooking a new reader, or waking up a former reader who hasn't read me in a while and wants to re-explore my back list along with my new offerings, or finally, by someone clicking on one of the advertised thrillers.

One thing I that struck home with me this past weekend signing books side by side my colleagues at the Albany Book Fair, was how shocked they were when I revealed how many books and novellas I have in print (about 45-50...I've lost precise count). They were even more shocked when I told them I'd have a new product being produced every month by either my own imprint or a traditional imprint for the next two years (I blogged recently that I was thinking of slowing this down, but it turned out to be BS. Sorry). I got the feeling they felt like their leg was being pulled.

If you wish to make a living in this industry you produce high quality books in as short a time as possible. You get the product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible without skimping on excellence. I signed on with a new publisher for a nice advance three months ago. By the time the novel is published in late 2020, I will have produced 15 new novels or novellas. That's the power proliferation. And that's what leads to expanded readership and ultimately, significant profit.


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