Thursday, March 15, 2018

Who's afraid of flying?

Buy the ticket, take the ride
According to the stats, the overwhelming majority of US travelers the world over are afraid of flying. The rest of us just lie about it. Back in the early 2000s, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) concluded that with the proliferation of cheap, mass-transit airplane travel anticipated for the 21st century, we should expect one major crash per week. The fact that crashes are not that frequent tells us that safety boards can be wrong when it comes to statistics, which is a good thing. But then these are the same folks who tell us flying is the safest mode of transport there is, statistically speaking. 

However, when you consider most fatal tragedies are caused by gross human error, or some orange bearded terrorist who attempts to blow a plane out of the sky, or a country at war who mistakenly fires a ground-to-air missile at what they naturally assume is an enemy aircraft, you begin to understand the relative crap shoot that can be modern air travel.

Enter the sky marshals. They also work for the NTSB. They are the unsung heroes of the friendly and unfriendly skies. What's fascinating about these guys and gals is that you don't know they're there. They simply board a plane like any other working class stiff who's shoved into a sardine can, fed dog food, and issued nasty looks by the flight attendants. You don't know they are there, but trust me, they are there, ready to tackle an on board emergency like a skyjacking or a sudden fire or a an unruly passenger who is hell bent on opening up the emergency exit at 30K feet above the Atlantic Ocean.

This guy ain't Sam Savage, but they are definitely pals...

These guys are brave because once the shit hits the fan in mid-flight, there's nowhere to run. No wonder one of the latest sky marshal action adventures stars Liam Neeson. He's a bad ass mofo too. So is Gerard Butler or Bruce Willis. Just two more action and adventure actors I had in mind when inventing Sam Savage Sky Marshal. He's a bad ass who is also prone to falling in love with a pretty lady who might be traveling alone. He might be all about serving and protecting while flying the turbulent skies, but he isn't afraid to offer said pretty lady membership into the Mile High Club also. What a guy.

His first short read is now available from my very own, Bear Thrills label, and it's called Dead Heading. Grab it and be thrilled for a half hour or so. It's a cool read. I'm currently writing more of these little gems and when I have three or so, I'll bundle them up into a book which will be available in eBook, paper, and audio. What's cool about these stories is, because Sam works for the NTSB, he can be made to work not only in the skies, but on Amtrak or even a Greyhound bus. So the amount of action and adventure tales I can write about this character are infinite. For now there's just the one, so grab up a ticket and take the ride.


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