Monday, March 26, 2018

Father of Orlando nightclub shooter worked for FBI...

Papa Mateen preparing a report for his boss, James Comey

Still drooling over the Stormy Daniels double-D nonsense the mainstream media is shoveling into your insatiable gullet? Multiple media outlets and journalists (most of them independent) are reporting that Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando terrorist at the Pulse nightclub, served as a "confidential source" for the FBI from 2005 up until and including 2016. A search of his residence has apparently produced receipts for money transfers to both Turkey and Afghanistan. And guess when just such a transfer occurred? Only one week prior to the shooting. 

Mateen, whom you can see prominently seated behind Hillary Clinton during one of her 2016 campaign rallies, was apparently cleared by Comey and Mueller when it was determined that he bore no terrorist connections. Really? Perhaps they need only look to his son for that. Now, the FBI is nailing Mateen's daughter in law, a Muslim, with conspiracy to commit mass murder. Something rather fishy is happening with the FBI and it's a hell of a lot more important than some porno bimbo spewing forth about banging Trump and being paid to shut up about it.

But in my humble and rather non-expert opinion, I see something rather nefarious in the works. A strange pattern emerging, if you will. Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nik Cruz was setting off alarm bells and red flags so bright you could see them from outer space about the danger he posed to humanity and guess what? The FBI does nothing about it.

And what about the Vegas shooting back in October? Why have we heard nothing more about Stephen Paddock and his motivation for shooting up a country music concert from a hotel window high above the crowd of innocents? Could it be that the most videotaped piece of real estate in the country never captured his image? Oh, wait, some CCTV video take was finally released showing Paddock accompanied by some bellhops who were entrusted with carrying his guns and ammo into his hotel room. He appears to be joking with them, and in any case, perfectly comfortable with their presence. Trust me when I tell you bags filled with semi-automatic weapons are heavy as hell, and they make noise. Gun metal and against gun metal kind of noise. The bellhops had to know they weren't transporting Paddocks fat jeans and BVDs.

What do Mueller and Comey really know about terrorism in America? What don't they want you to know? And why does the mainstream media seem to not only treat them like Gods, but why do they insist on diverting our attention to stories that just don't matter?

POSTSCRIPT: CNN online is presently reporting on the Mateen FBI connection. Let's see if the other cable mainstream outfits follow suit. 




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