Monday, January 22, 2018

Japan plans for the end of the world...

Kids run for their lives and not because of Godzilla  
It's a sure sign of the times: Japan holds its first air raid drill since WWII amid growing tensions and threats by North Korea, whose fearless leader has said he wishes to both sink the island of Japan while turning it into ashes. I'm not sure he can do both in that order, but you get the idea.

Missile is Inbound

According to Japan Today, residents were startled to attention by a disturbing siren broadcast over public address system loudspeakers. The sirens were followed by an announcement that a missile was inbound. People were asked to take cover immediately, place their heads between their knees and kiss their asses goodbye.

False Alarm 

As people scattered for shelter in building basements, subway tunnels and even sewers, the city was once more gripped in a fear not known since the Second World War or, the last Cold War anyway. But when moments later, the tinny loudspeaker voice announced that the inbound missile had missed its target and plunged into the sea, residents were relieved that they could once more resume their daily activities. Sushi anyone?

The New Normal

One 77 year old woman who won't accept this as the new normal, stated that she did not participate in the drill since a nuclear war would destroy everything and everyone. There would be nowhere to hide. So why bother? 

Olympics Union and Disunion

Next month South Korea will host the Winter Olympic games. North and South Korea will be unifying for this event, yet many in the south are angry about being associated with the rogue regime from up north. To them, NOKO is still not only their enemy, but they are threatening to launch a nuclear war should Kim Jong-Un get up one morning and decide it's a good day for the world to die. That said, they are burning the Olympic game unification flags in protest. Can you blame them?

Kick the Can

For the past 25 years, US Presidents have been kicking the can down the road, not wanting to deal with NOKO and their nuclear ambitions. The excuse was always that they don't have nuclear weapons now and won't in the near future, so just ignore them, maybe give them some money and hopefully they will go away. But now they do have nukes and now it's just a matter of their being able to transport them safely on their many ballistic missiles (some of which are supplied by Iran). There's an entry and re-entry problem which will be solved within months, that is, it's not solved already. Game on.

The Final Solution

The solution? It could come down to a US President who feels that kicking the can is no longer an option. The only option would be a first strike to not only eliminate the NOKO threat once and for all, but also to send a message to the world: rogue regimes bent on obtaining nuclear weapons will not be tolerated. Whether this first strike is nuclear or not, remains to be seen. But I can bet you dollars to donuts, it's coming. Once thing is for sure, we're living in dangerous times.


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