Monday, December 18, 2017

Too many novels too little time...

I just woke up from a nap and found myself staring at the ceiling and going over all the projects I currently have on the boards. Coming Xmas Eve will be the collected 1st Season of The Handyman, the steamy noir thriller episodic series I brought out this Fall under my Bear Media label (Bear Noir). The pilot novel in the new Young Chase Baker YA spin-off series is set for editing and formatting come February. It's called Chase Baker and the Cross of the Last Crusade. There's the second in the new Steve Jobz PI series, The Flower Man. I'm currently editing that one, and it will be on my editor's desk sometime after Xmas. My two big stand-alones that will go the traditional publishing route, The Doctor Will Kill You Now (formerly, The Girl Who Wasn't There) and No Good to Her Dead are still in the editing mode but will be finished up in the early winter one way or another, and then both will be in the hands of my agent. There's a spy novel that I wrote last year, but haven't looked at since. That will come out in the spring. I have 8K words on a new Jack Marconi novel, Sins of the Sons, and just a moment ago, my publisher at Polis Books sent me the final proofs of The Detonator which comes out in hardcover in February. Did I mention the two short stories I'm also working on?
So why then am I blogging?
I should be working.
Think I'll take another nap...

PS. Remember, Zandri books make great "stocking stuffers..." Just go here...

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