Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jason Michel: Noir Drifter

Jason Michel fits the noir bill to the T.
Gruff and scruffy, his salt and pepper hair is cropped almost to the scalp, which itself shows signs of scarring. The result of a knife fight maybe, or his having been tossed out of a train car during one of his many adventures around the globe.

My kinda dude.

The forty-something noir writer and publisher of the underground but universally hailed Pulp Metal Magazine, originates from Wales, but as far as I can glen, he's never enjoyed the many splendors of a proper home.

He's a drifter.

For certain, I know he lived in Bangkok for a few years, and Paris for a long time, along with other ports of call. He's not a big or imposing guy, but he carries about himself an aura of self assurance that would make a man twice his size think again about engaging in a scrape. It's the eyes, the stare, the roaring silence. He now lives in Florence but as usual it's "Just for a while, I don't know how long..." That is, until he heads somewhere else. The U.S. maybe. Who knows. Such is the code of the noir drifter.  

Jason and the author enjoying a cold beverage at the Goose Bistro in Florence
I'm sure wherever he chooses to live for a while longer, he will still be putting out some of the most poetic noir pieces this side of 1950's Paris. Such as the one you can listen to below which is lifted from his new novel, The Death of Three Colours. And as for the cool background music, its comes from his brother's musical project, Little Deaths. Obviously the noir thing runs in the family. So too do the eyes. Those frightening eyes.

 Listen to Jason Michel read HERE

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 "Jason Michel is an author and The Dictator over at the irreverent PULP METAL MAGAZINE and has his own Neo-Noir podcast - The Black-Hearted Beat"