Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Political Correctness is Dead

Words matter.
Words are expression and they are freedom.
Words are what I do for a living.
I've waited a week to write this, because I wanted things to calm down a bit after the election. While lefty (and in some cases, righty) protesters engage in riots, and Hollywood A-listers cry in their Dom, and little weasels like Harry Reid (an evil little nothing of a man who allowed politics to get in the way of passing Kate's Law...but that's for another essay) try to compare the new president elect to Hitler, I sit back and breathe easy. Not because one candidate was chosen over another necessarily (I didn't like either of them), but because at the very least, denying Hillary Clinton the White House means political correctness is about to breathe its final breath before being dead for a very long, long time.

It always struck me as funny that one entire faction of American voters, especially younger people, saw the Republican nominee as a fascist, when in fact, the US and its constitutional freedoms have been under attack for eight years. We had a president who governed by executive action rather than work with congress. A state department that deliberately white-washed keywords like Radical Islam,  Jihad, Muslim terrorists from their playbooks. And a presidential candidate who broke the law by maintaining a server in her basement. I mean, even the POTUS emailed her under a fake handle. How is it that an outsider...a Donald Trump was made to be the bad guy when the whole damn system is so corrupt?

Again, I don't want to endorse any one candidate over the other, but when we live in an atmosphere where a writer like me has to think twice about the language he's planning on using in a book for fear of insulting someone or some group, we are headed for fascism. And like Hemingway said before me, fascism is a lie told by bullies. There's only one type of government where a writer can't be free in the language he or she chooses, and that's fascism.

Don't believe the outgoing administration wasn't borderline fascist?

Here's how one goes about destroying a free society:
Take away one's freedom of speech...Political Correctness.
Take away one's legal right to bear arms with strict gun control measures.
Undermine the police and their authority by taking the side of the "victim" under all circumstances.
Demoralize, de-fund, and destabilize the military. 
Pit race against race.
Establish a welfare state whereby people are dependent upon the government for their very existence and work is disincentivized.

I could of course go on and on, but by all means, don't say anything that might be construed as insulting or you might not only be berated and hated by the an intolerant left, you might one day be arrested in the middle of the night.

I'm not sure what the next four years will bring. But I'm happy that for the first time in a long time I can say Washington Redskins without someone giving me a dirty look. Or I can tell a woman she looks hot today without being construed as sexist. Or I can use words like Radical Islam and jihad in my writing and not be threatened with a red line.

I don't need a free space, and I don't need my deadlines to be postponed because I'm too upset over the people not having elected to put a woman who became wealthy beyond anyone's wildest dreams while working as a government servant in the White House (don't forget this is the same woman who stole a whole bunch of white house furniture during Slick Willy's tenure). A woman who openly lied about her own lies and then lied again in order to cover up the original set of lies. I only need the freedom to do what I want, say what I feel, and to put it all down on paper without fear of reprisal.

I've always run as an independent because I'm a writer and need to view both sides of the story equally. And while the current president elect might not have been my first choice (not by a long shot), the end of dangerous censorship-like political correctness is. We should cherish our freedom, not openly allow established career, on-the-take politicians to trample on them with ideological jackboots. The people of the US have spoken and a new world order is about to take hold. It won't be politically correct, that's for damn sure. But that doesn't mean as human beings we shouldn't be nice or have basic human respect for one another.

Like I said, words are powerful tools. Use them carefully and use them wisely. But use them without prejudice. Feel free to use them with abandon.


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