Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chase Baker Action/Adventure Series in its Rightful Order

First a disclaimer: You can read any of the Chase Bakers however you want. Out of order or in order. But recently I've been getting a lot of fans asking me for the proper order of things, since it's only natural for readers to want to start at the beginning and carry it through to the most recent. If the Chase Baker series poses any confusion it's because bestselling author Ben Sobieck, also contributes to the series. Our collaboration has thus far produced three novels that I'll identify in the sequence (one day I'll explain more on how this collaboration works, but it's basically no different than what James Patterson does).

So here goes:

1. The Shroud Key by Vincent Zandri
2. Chase Baker and the Golden Condor by Vincent Zandri
3. Chase Baker and the God Boy by Vincent Zandri
4. Chase Baker and the Lincoln Curse by Vincent Zandri
5. Chase Baker and the Viking's Secret by Ben Sobieck (Vincent Zandri Presents)
6. Chase Baker and the Da Vinci Divinity by Vincent Zandri
7. Chase Baker and the Apocalypse Bomb by Ben Sobieck (Vincent Zandri Presents)
8. Chase Baker and the Humanzees from Hell by Ben Sobieck (Vincent Zandri Presents)
9. Chase Baker and the Seventh Seal by Vincent Zandri
10. Chase Baker and the Dutch Diamonds by Vincent Zandri (Not Yet Released)

Rather than provide a link to every individual book I'm going to provide instead the simpler Amazon Page link that highlights the entire Chase Baker Series

Also, here's the official Chase Baker Facebook Page which is updated almost daily thanks to site administrator and author/writer, Elyse Press Major.

Like I've mentioned several times to the subscribers of the Vincent Zandri "For Your Eyes Only" newsletter, there will soon be Chase Baker swag for sale, including mugs, t-shirts, baseball hats, and other travel gear like compases, shoulder bags, bush jackets, bush vests, and more. My partner Laura Roth is working on this as my two fingers type.

There's even talk about a Chase Baker restaurant in the works. Chase Baker's Treasure Chest, featuring exotic dishes from all over the globe served tapas style, good beers and wines, and a tin shack-ceiling fan-cooled, Sloppy Joes-like relaxed atmosphere. The kind of place you would belly up to after a long bumpy flight in from Istanbul or the Amazon Jungle.  

But for now anyway, I'm going to keep writing the adventure series and keep on building the fan base. Which means, more travel in the immediate future. I'll probably circle the globe a couple more times this year seeking out more Chase stories, but then, that's what it's all about. The adventure and the romance of it all, and taking you along for the ride.


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