Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Global US Troop Deployment Inevitable

Troops in training at Fort Drum

I've been saying for some time now that the seeds of a major war are being sewn in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Korea. While I'm not convinced the Russians wish for a major conflict, North Korea, ISIS, and the Iranians might as well hold up flags that say, "Bring it on, Bro!" 

As for the Middle East situation, it's looking more and more like a nuclear deal is not happening. At least a deal that makes sense in terms of denying the Iranians a bomb. My guess is they either already possess a nuke or are fast on their way regardless. ISIS is spreading like a cancer and active recruitment for the radical Islamist terrorist group has now reached all points west. While Christians are beheaded by the dozens, Israel can't stand by idly for long while as their assured destruction is birthed inside a deep not so secret "secret" underground bunker facility in Fordo.

Meanwhile, you'll recall the Russians I mentioned who don't want war? Well, they've just made a deal to sell the Iranians missiles to go with the nukes they apparently don't have or ummm, don't want. And don't forget our Naval Fleet tracking an Iranian convoy off the coast of Yemen. In the words of the State Department, we just want to protect the flow of commerce. Huh? The joint is on fire. What commerce? Welcome to the new world order where a US that leads from behind or not at all, invites a world that crumbles into chaos and quite possibly, WWIII.

As if to confirm my suspicions, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey L. Bannister, Commander of the 10th Mountain Division in  Watertown, NY,  said this week that a major deployment is being planning for 13 months from now, and the destinations will not only include Afghanistan and Iraq, "where division soldiers have been a fixture since 9/11," but also Europe and possibly South Korea.

Get the full story you won't read on the major news networks (or MSNBC) by clicking HERE.

To quote the General, "This (deployment) is part of our assurance to our allies. You can't just pull out; you have to assure them."

The 13 month time-line makes sense since the Obama administration, in its attempt to secure a Nobel Peace Prize for its appeasement to Iran, wants nothing to do with what is shaping up to be a well planned murder of global proportions. He would prefer to kick the can to the next president whoever he or she may be.


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