Sunday, September 14, 2014

Radical Islam's Long Planned Murder

No one likes to be the bearer of bad news. Certainly our President doesn't like to issue bad news. In fact, he'd rather retreat from it to the golf course, or downplay the severity of an international crisis by referring to something like ISIS as the "JV team" or even in recent weeks, refusing to call them what they are: Radical Muslims.

When the embassy in Benghazi was attacked two years ago, it was President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who dismissed all evidence of an organized attack by Radical Muslims, and instead blamed the murder of several innocent American diplomats and military personnel on an anti-Islamist video that was circulating YouTube (in other words, he was blaming America). It was of course, a lie perpetrated by liars, and an absurd one at that. 

Now, we have ISIS, a Radical Islamist State or Caliphate, that is not only beheading innocent men, women, and children at will, they are building up an army that is closing in on 50K strong. They are also funding their operations with stolen oil reverses to the tune of $3 million per day. At present they are recruiting some of the world's most talented computer hackers in order to wage a cyber war with the west.

In the meantime, we have a major domestic problem in the form of two porous borders, both north and south. Just last week a reporter dressed in a Bin Laden costume casually walked across the southern border into the United States. Yet, the present administration is refusing to do anything about this lack of security in fear of losing their voter base come November and ultimately in 2016. Some naysayers will argue this point by saying, we have the largest police presence ever stationed on the borders, while others will say it's impossible to build walls that large. I say, declare a State of Emergency to exist on both borders, establish a formidable military presence, and in the meantime, engage in the aggressive deportation of the 11 million known illegals presently shacking up in this country while revoking the passports and student visas of questionable aliens. Yes, this will take a toll on the Democrats and their voting base, but national security shouldn't be a political issue determined by professional politicians.

When I think about this administration in years to come, I won't see the dismembered head of journalist James Foley resting on his own torso in the unforgiving desert sun. I will instead see Obama's smiling face as he went golfing only minutes after addressing reporters about the barbarous act of murder and war. A display of unimaginable disinterest if not callousness from a man who refuses to lead and who seems particularly bent on dismantling the US as a world power.

Two years remain in this Presidency and in terms of national security, they will be our most vulnerable and most dangerous since the outbreak of WWII. Here's a sampling of what we can expect:

--An attack on our homeland that will come in the form of a dirty bomb, or even a crude nuclear device.
--An all out cyber attack that will severely injure our power grid, delete bank accounts, dismantle our communications systems, and more.
--Attacks by Radical Islamists in Europe where military might has largely been depleted due to the costs of socialism and socialist programs.
--Attacks on the world's transportation systems, including trains and planes.
--Meanwhile, Russian, China, and other regimes who have already taken advantage of a weak, if not dangerously inept President, will make their moves in order to grab what they can while the taking is good.

This is not to be alarmist, but it is a reality that all of us are going to have to deal with one way or another. Like Hemingway said of the Nazis and their power grabs of the late 1930s, "A world war is certainly coming. It's like a long planned murder." And that's what is presently happening right before our eyes: a long planned murder by barbarians who dress in black, fly the black banner of Radical Islam, and who have one goal and one goal only: to administer the total destruction of the Judeo-Christian establishment, Europe, and the United States of America.



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