Thursday, October 4, 2012

E-Books and Libraries: What the Big 6 Doesn't Get

                                           "Wow that Dick Moonlight is really something..."

Maybe JA Konrath read my last post "Libraries Get It" or perhaps it's a coincidence that his newest post is titled, "E-Books in Libraries: They Still Don't Get It."

Whatever the case may be, the libraries actually do get the future and the important impact inexpensive E-Books can make in a lending library all too often frequented by good reading folks who have no choice but to watch every single penny earned. But as usual the Big 6 and the American Association of Publishers (AAP) are fighting progress for a number of reasons, some of which they hide behind legal smoke-screens like "anti-trust suits," etc.

Now I'm not going to pretend I know the in and outs of the publishing industry, both commercial and indie, like Konrath does or have my finger on the pulse of the American library system such as it is. But after reading Joe's post, I'm gathering that what it all comes down to is this: The Big 6 just don't want libraries competing with their already dwindling returns.

In any case, click on Konrath's link and you can get the story, which is actually a guest blog. It's written by an individual in the know: a librarian and a "published author," who shall go unnamed, and who works in the South Carolina library system. 

His life is books, and passion drips from his fingertips....

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