Friday, June 1, 2012

Quality or Quantity?

As authors in this, the new golden age of writing, we find ourselves writing more novels than ever. It's all about the content, as they say. Who are they? The ones in the know. The ones who get the fact that the more books you have for sale as E-Book, especially Kindle, the better you will do in the marketplace.

And so we write...

We write without pause.
We write with abandon.
We write when we are inspired and when we are not.
We write like someone or something is chasing our tail, not the least of which is death.
We write because people find reading sexy again when you can do it bed with a digital device.
We write because we can make a good living from it.
We write because we have no choice but to write.

But just remember, we should not write if the writing is going so fast that it is not good writing.
You with me here?
Ask yourself this: Am I sacrificing quality for speed?


  1. Great article. It's all about quality for me. I've spent over two decades writing my fantasy series and I'm only now starting to leak books out...and slowly. The last time I published a novel was back in 09'. I've slaved over the new ones for the past three years and will allow some of them to see the light of day later this year only after my awesome team of more than a dozen beta readers and editors have finished having their way with them. Spend the time writing quality books and you'll have quantity anyway. So I've never seen the point in rushing half-baked books to the market. Other authors' mileage may vary. But different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  2. Thanks for the affirmation, Vincent! Balance needed...In my case, I need to speed up. I have spent 10 years writing my novel, working fairly steadily. Incredible, but true. I began not knowing what plot was, and along the way I have shed the "OCD" writing habits that really slowed me down.

    Great post.

    BTW, I must get back to work!

    1. Those "OCD" writing habits are a book-killer, aren't they? ;)