Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walk With a Writer Over the Ponte Vechhio

My Virgin Video Blog in the home of the Renaissance, Warts and all ... Appropriate I think...

So my friend, publicist, and author, Bri Clark, has been encouraging me to make a shift from only written blogs to perhaps a video blog or two. After all, as I say in this, my first video blog, "this is the 23rd century." Or something like that.

This is sort of a writer-meets-travel-meets-I'm-not-really-fucking-sure video essentially, about something not all that unique, but still romantic and wonderful: The Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. My adopted home away from home. Some of you might think me a tool for saying so, but I spend a lot of time here so I think I have earned the right to call it that. And considering I've written some books here and many parts of books, including The Remains, Moonlight Rises and the forthcoming Blue Moonlight, I believe I will keep coming here for as long as the Italian government allows. That said, I will try and be a good boy and not try and create an international scandal by charming the mayor's wife.

So without further BS from my side of of the Atlantic, here is my first video blog, from the land where Dante not only created the first modern novel, he created the modern Italian language.

Ciao Ciao


  1. I loved it! Gotta go there some day :)

  2. Enjoyed your video!! Great idea Bri!! Thank you for sharing, it brought back memories from when I visited and bought many items from those shops.

  3. I agree with the other comments so far, great video, and hope it becomes a regular thing. It works well. Could feel the atmosphere.

  4. well you guys are awesome encouragement...and yes, I owe all the credit to Bri...

  5. That was great Vince. Don't worry, your hair looked adequate. Now I want to go to the cafe with you. Next video please.