Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boise has Babes

There is more to this career than writing, marketing, and reading. Travel is part of it. Which anyone who reads this blog knows I love to do. I spend more time in a plane than I do in my apartment. But in addition there is the presentation of my experience, knowledge and advice I'm invited to share at conferences.

Halloween weekend I was privileged to head back to that secret haven of literary genius Boise ID. I spoke on the industry, balancing life, the future of publishing and my career in general. My publicist Bri got some photos for the Vox. Unfortunately she was never around when I wanted a picture of one of the good looking women, usually married, that passed by. Wonder if she planned it. Anyways below are what she captured.

IBE was held in downtown Boise

Here I spoke from Backlist to Bestseller

On a round table with Don Jacobson, Tim Vandehey, and Maryanna Young discussing the future of publishing

Later there was an author mixture but most of those pictures we won't show. However, here is a few.

My bro (and Abe Lincoln lookalike) and the brains behind Stone House Ink Aaron Patterson.

Donna Fletcher Crow has been writing books for 30 years.

And that's Bri. Aaron celebrated by taking all Stone House's people out for dinner. Mmmm Lasagna


  1. Looks like fun - I have a few family members in Idaho area (closer to Pocatello and Idaho Falls).

  2. Right on Cyn. I haven't been anywhere yet but Boise. But hope to see more of the state soon.

  3. *sigh* Always taking trips to other places.....Italy, Boise....Anywhere but North Carolina. Why don't the good looking authors EVER come to North CArolina? What's WRONG with North Carolina???? Hmmm????

    Anyway, loved the pics! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. This was my first conference and to say I learned so much would be an understatement. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. I appreciate the advice you had for those of us in the workshops.

  5. Boise is a great place! I lived there for 10 years. People are genuinely nice. They know how to use firearms yet choose to not use them on each other. Next visit try Bogus Basin ski hill. There are always bunnies (babes) in the lodge. :)

  6. I'm coming back out very soon...:) Would love to ski!

  7. If you end up in Carson City, Nevada or Reno, I would probably take the time to see you. ;-)