Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: "Extreme Hurricane Season" Predicted!

"Will planes be flying today?"

Disaster response organizations across the globe seem to be putting their collective heads together in order to predict the oncoming hurricane season. And apparently, they're not liking what they are seeing. Weather patterns are indicating that this year's hurricane activity is going to be far more severe and damaging to American coastlines than last year. Disaster News Network has the blow by blow:

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  1. The effects of "Global Warming" will cause extremes in the weather. Obviously we are seeing this now. Of course, there is the predicted weather and climate changes that occur without the effects of our toxic behavior on the planet, but our ingorance and aggressive existence have consequences.
    I hope that we (as inhabitants of the Earth) will wake up before it is too late.
    Mj (Maryjane) Pettengill