Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In this Corner, the E-Book; In that Corner, the Hardcopy!

Everyone's a critic....

Is it really really E-Books versus Print? Much like an inevitable global confrontation between good and evil, is the future of publishing really setting the stage for a war of reading mediums? Or can print and E-Books live together in harmony? Check in this Sunday at "CMash Loves to Read" book blog hailing from out of my old stomping ground, Providence, Rhode Island. I'll be ranting and raving about this very topic while you cure your hangovers with coffee, eggs, bacon and home-fries. Hey, the little state likes to do big things. And Providence rocks. And I used to party with Mayor Buddy Cianci back in the 80s!!!


  1. Why not have both? Although I am happily Kindle-ing, many people aren't yet.

  2. We definitely do things big in the smallest state. RI, by far, also produces many lasting friendships. Wow partying with the Mayor...must have been quite interesting. Looking forward to Sunday.

  3. I am looking forward to Sunday as well! For me though--hard copy wins out every time.....

  4. As an author of e-books, of course I prefer them, my Sony e-reader is loaded with goodies. However, I also have shelves of books which I love. I say the two can live in harmony. If you only read one or the other, you miss out on some very good writing.

    With traditional publishers rejecting 90% of manuscripts they receive because of cost issues, authors like myself are being contracted by wonderful e-publishers and doing quite well. At Noble Romance, we have wonderful group of authors who produce fabulous stories and have a large following.

    I hate to see print suffering, being a lover of books as I am, but as an author, I am happy to have diligent, picky publishers of e-books, who have strict criteria for material they accept and when they do contract a book, you know it is worthy. Quality is quality, whether on the written page or electronic.

    Only my 2 cents.
    Brita Addams