Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zandri Update...Finally!!!

I'm way behind on my blog updates. But I have an excuse. Africa...Anyone who hasn't seen the dispatches can log onto http://www.russiatoday.com/About_Us/Blogs/Embedded_in_Africa/2009-7-13.html and catch them all.
The news bulleted:
-Back from Africa, making plans for South America in the Fall to report on stuff no one else does.
-I'll be doing a full-time (2 to 3 times per week) blog for Russia Today TV starting in August. I'll be writing about "the other side of any given story" be it travel to some strange destination or riding around with the cops in my home town...Should be a real cool blog.
-I've got a new girlfriend, Gina, who is a gifted artist and a college professor (even though I don't hold that against her...ha!)...Gina is the rare type of woman who can look at pile a gravel and find significant patterns, faces, unique color combinations, textures, historical facts and emotions ranging from laughter to tears. All over a simple pile of gravel...I dig her a lot. And the best part? She's totally low maintenance...Which leads me to...
-Things with Laura have cooled off ... a lot. She's a little upset with the girlfriend thing, tells me the emotions she's experiencing now she should have gone through four years ago...Whatever...
-Moonlight Falls is still scheduled to be published this Winter by RJBuckley....Heyday Films has shown an interest in producing it...Anymore takers?????
-I could mention something about sex here but...
-Gotta run...literally....

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