Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Power of Words

Bri Clark here reporting in for the Vox. Most of you know that Vince's father, Richard Zandri died unexpectedly on Friday. This has forced Vince to take a step back from social media, be with his family, but still work on edits for Thomas and Mercer.

I can't imagine as a writer how truly hard that must be. Working on edits and rewrites for The Innocent and The Remains and planning you're father's funeral. Then that caused me to ask "What can I do to help?"

I could send flowers but Richard was a man well known so I'm sure flowers will abound. I'm 2,000 miles away and it's Christmas. I cant manage making a trip. Which made me feel's Christmas! So I sat in my living room sulking while my family watched football.

And that's when inspiration struck. A player was hurt. And I listened to the announcers say positive things about the player to fill the time. Now I'm not saying I'm going to have Vince hurt. But we as people are formulaic.

When someone dies or is hurt we want to say nice things about them. Express our condolences to the grieving family. And people everywhere have done amazing leaving expressions of empathy to Vince.

But I fear I'm going to call on you again. And ask a question and a favor. Often when death happens we question our we've spent our time. We ask if I died would anyone come? Did I make a difference?

So I ask you dear reader. What has Vincent done for you? Do you look forward to his funny status updates? Do you relate to his personal blog posts? Do you like looking up these pictures of people that he quotes because you're too young to know who they are like i do? Do you just like his books?

Leave your response in the comments below. Let's let Vince return to a blog full of response.


PS Betting is opened to see if I'm fired after this post over at my blog. ;)


  1. should be fired for the use of "your" instead of "you're"...too young etc. On a WRITERS site no less. Typos forgiven but poor grammar?

  2. I'll go first Vince is a good friend. He's taught me to what sticking it out really means and how satisfying the victory is. Thanks V

  3. Thanks for pointing that out Joselyn.

  4. Vincent...aka Chocolate eyes
    I love your words. Spoken or written, there is always a good deal of feeling in it. I love that. You have made me smile and laugh many times when I wanted to cry.
    My heart and my prayers are with you
    ~Linna Drehmel

  5. Vincent, due to the fact that we crossed paths only once at the Idaho Book Extravaganza I do not know you very well, but it was truly a pleasure to meet you and hear part of your story. You've been in my thoughts and prayers ever since and I have sincerely appreciated our, albeit brief, acquaintance. Oh, and I'm still looking forward to NYC. :)

  6. What can I say? Having lost my Nana (who was also 76) in May I have no words to help you through the grief you are feeling. I do know that you are an amazing author and that your dad must have been so proud. Just know that your family, friends, and fans are all here to show you our love and support in this difficult time. Take care.

  7. Vince has helped me blossom as a newbie writer. His guidance and direction coupled with his expertise from years in the publishing trenches has truly been invaluable as I begin my writing career. I am blessed to call him my friend and mentor. And I hope that when he emerges from this time of sorrow and difficulty, his writing will be there to give him solace and bring his soul back to life. Much love, Vince.

  8. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Vince at this time. I agree with Erica, Vince's blog has encouraged me to grow as a new writer. Though I do not know Vince personally, I have enjoyed his transparency about the writer's life through this blog. Thanks, Vince!

  9. Thanks again all. I'm now re-emerging from this grief filled week with a renewed sense of purpose.