Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winners Never Quit!

You've heard the old saying so many times you probably wanna hurl when you see it: Winners never quit and quitters never win. 

It was true back when I was playing high school football and it's still true today. Never more so than in the independent writing world. I read recently that many of the authors (up to 98% of them) who are now turning their backs on rejection for  the freedom and ease of independent publishing via Amazon and other similar digital e-Book DIY programs, will eventually quit. And I mean, quit within a year of their entry into independent publishing. 


Because they won't sell. Or, wait, scratch that. It's not that they won't sell, it's that they will perceive themselves as not selling. It's no surprise that many of these would-be authors took one look at the John Locke's of the indie publishing world and said to themselves, "Well, hell, I can do that." They logged onto Amazon KDP, downloaded their book, slapped a cover onto it, priced it at $.99 and watched it crash in the rankings like the Hindenburg into New Jersey. 

"Oh the humanity..."

What happened here? 

The instant success that these authors feel was warranted in the face of constant rejection, in the face of having to get up for a job they hate, in the face of writing friends who are becoming a success, in the face of that awful dark thing that fills your head at night when you lay it down on your pillow, just didn't arrive. At least not right away.
But what these quitters do not see is the light at the end of the publishing tunnel. Instead of writing more books and publishing those, they will give up on indie publishing and go back to seeking out a traditional deal, which in this day and age is becoming a near impossibility, unless you are already showing some great success in the indie publishing world. See how that works now????

For those of you committed to indie publishing no matter your sales; for those of you thinking long term; for those of you who understand that success at this thing takes time, and hitting your stride in the marketplace takes even more time and persistence, never fear. Most of the authors whom you are competing against in the indie marketplace won't be here next year. It will be the good authors who never quit who will eventually become the successes and the full-time writers. 

The quitters will get up on a bone cold, dark, unforgiving morning, fire up a cigarette, and head out to work.



  1. The secret to becoming a success - stick-to-itiveness. Great post, Vincent...taken to heart.

  2. Great post Vince - and for me, the timing couldn't be better (this had been one of those weekends where, in the middle of readying my second book for publication with editing, formatting, and cover revisions, those doubts that lurk in the background screamed to be heard).
    A deep breath, a fresh cup of coffee, and a little more determination and we're back at it..... like Wayne Gretzky once said, 100% of the shots you don't take will never go in the goal.