Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Art Changes Life

"Imagine seeing this...I mean for real...for the very first time."

I have been noticing subtle changes in my son Harrison (Bear) as time moves forward during our month-long stay in Florence, Italy. He is not only paying attention to the art and architecture he views for the first time...David, Hermes Slays Medusa, the Duomo...he is trying to make sense of it all. He finds that the "classic" art has been able to capture the essence of its meaning and in most cases, it is devoid of abstraction. Not a band interpretation for the would-be writer.

Harrison has grown up in a post-post-modern world and is so used to viewing art as an abstraction. Now he is viewing murals and wall paintings that depict "nightmares" so accurately, it's as if he is experiencing them himself.

Today he will see the Uffizi Gallery, the world's most precious collection of Italian art in the world. Giotto, Leonardo, Rubens, Titian, Carravaggio and other masters will peer into Harrison and he will peer into them and his life will be changed even more.

In the process, I get to see how my greatest work of son...will continue to grow and evolve.


  1. I remember my first visit to the Uffizi Gallery when I was six. I was too young to appreciate the full beauty of the place, but my parents' interest in art and architecture gave me a lifelong love of museums and art galleries, and a love of art which would inspire me to write. Thanks Mum & Dad!

  2. My mom exposed me to as much art and antiquity as she could afford, although not in Italy, she was able to do it on a shoestring somehow, and I am forever thankful to her. Italy is a great jumping off point for a lifetime of exploring objects that catalog and define, history and place, in the most innovative ways. Getting young people to think critically by looking closely is the best gift you can give in the age of screen separation.

  3. That's beautiful Vince. He'll remember this time with you forever; wonderful investment.