A great deal of criticism has been directed at certain writers organizations for holding outdated views about self-publishing and the appropriate way to start a career as an author.

I, myself, have directed such criticisms. Now, without changing my position, I’d like to acknowledge that not all such organizations are completely blind to my achievements as a self-published author.

Let me start off by explaining that when my novel IDENTITY CRISIS hit the New York Times bestseller list, I sent out press releases that were largely ignored. I found this a bit bewildering, but hey … whatever, I figured I had to move on and keep writing and doing other things. One of the publications I notified was the newsletter for the local chapter of the Mystery Writers of America (MWA). However, knowing MWA’s position on self-publishing, I submitted my news item and pretty much forgot about it.

So, needless to say, it came as a happy surprise to see the following announcement run in the member news section of the latest edition of “Capitol Crimes” the Mystery Writers of America, Mid-Atlantic Chapter newsletter, which I received today:

Debbi Mack’s self-published debut novel Identity Crisis recently hit the New York Times eBook bestseller list. Twice! First, on March 28, then again on April 3. Congratulations, Debbi!

Now … say what you like. That’s not just nice. That shows real class.

Thank you very much, MWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter! That was very kind. :-D