Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Wrongest Blog Ever

"When the first fistfight breaks out at ITW I'm standing next to this dude!"

Here's what Indie Bestseller Aaron Patterson had to say about a particularly asinine blog that came from a dude, who usually pens some very intelligent takes on the state of the publishing industry: The Worst Book Ever! read this and then come back....

I'm still here...

Now having read that blog you know that, in short, the blog was about how John Locke, the newest member of the one million Kindle E-Books club could have made a ton more money if he'd published with the Big 7 Legacy publishers.

Ok, so here's my response to all this (which you can find in different form in the comments section of Patterson's blog...I know, but hey, I needed a blog topic so bear with me.)

"Ummmm...There's a reason I didn't sell a lot of copies of THE INNOCENT or GODCHILD (soon to be known as THE GUILTY) ten years ago when Dell published them.

First of all, they were very expensive.
Second, no one from marketing/advertising did a thing for it, other then sending out to reviewers (they both got great reviews and sold some awesome foreign rights).
Third, the bookstores only wanted them on their display shelf for six weeks.
Fourth, my last name is Zandri, so if you happen to be no taller than a mouse, you might notice my books on the bookshelf in the far lower right hand corner.

Listen, I'm not complaining. I made some great friends publishing in NYC and had some awesome times. I even dated my publicist for a short time (ok, like two dates, but who's counting). It was a sweet life. But it was sweet until they pulled the plug because I wasn't selling as many books as Patterson my first time out (the other Patterson, you know his name...).

My point?

If John Locke had tried the traditional route of agent and publisher, he'd still be selling insurance. The dude who wrote that blog yesterday and that himself Barry Eisler tweeted as a great piece of work, or some such nonsense, couldn't have been more off base if he wrote a book about how JFK wouldn't have been shot if he simply hadn't gone to Dallas that day.

No Shit Sherlock!!!

Anyway, Locke did what he did cause his books are good, he writes a lot of them, he priced them to sell, and he marketed them well. When you do things the right way, you invite luck. I suppose you will inevitably invite the Monday morning quarterbacks too...."

My take on a subject that is sure to get hotter in the coming months...

PS. I confess I haven't read a word of Mr. Locke's so I will refrain from commenting on the actual quality of his writing in terms of mastery of craft.


  1. Just one little request: Please assign someone to record video when the fight does break out. :)

  2. I like the Dumbest and wrongest blog... lol mixed with the worst book we have the makings of some fun times!

  3. I'll have my iPhone at the ready to record the fight.

  4. Oh wow - I wanna see a bloody nose. ;-) Good posts.