Monday, May 2, 2011

The Zandri Report: Last Month's 100K Sales in a Nutshell

"Godchild, the next Top Ten Bestseller?"

It's May 2nd, the day after May Day, and since I haven't spoken to my accountant yet, I wanted to speak to well, you, the general public about the past month's sales. For reasons of brevity I'm only going to concentrate on the three major books I have going with StoneHouse/StoneGate Ink.

First, THE INNOCENT: It finished up the month with 62,000 in Kindle sales alone while priced to sell at $.99. It also spent four solid weeks in the Top Ten Amazon Bestselling Kindle E-Book List.

Second, GODCHILD: It sold around 15,000 units in Kindle at a $.99 price tag. It's been selling in the Top 100 for over a month now.

Lastly, THE REMAINS, my steady tried and true bread and butter stand alone novel. At $2.99 it sold around 5,500 copies. I could live nicely off this one book alone. It consistently ranks around 150 to 160.

Now, taking into account my numerous digital shorts, my novel in the Dick Moonlight series, MOONLIGHT FALLS, plus a special edition combo with Aaron Patterson, Sweet Dreams/The Remains, I probably sold close to 100,000 Kindle units in that four week period, if not more. This will have netted me a nice five figure payday for the month, but I'm not about to start in on the exact math. I'll just wait for the checks. Now, if I were to take into account all E-Book formats, I can't begin to calculate how much money I made, or how many E-Books sold altogether. But this past Friday I reported having sold 100,000 E-Books in 60 days. But now I realize I was being too conservative with that estimate. A truer number is closer to 115,000 E-Books.

So what's up for May?

THE INNOCENT's price has been changed to $2.99, and in keeping with Amazon trends, it's slipped off the Top Ten for now, but is holding its own nicely in the Top 20. That ain't chicken feed by any means and I expect it to move around 1,000 to 1,200 units per day for a while. Where the novel will eventually settle at that price remains to be seen, but I suspect it will keep nicely in the top 50 or so. If that happens, GODCHILD just might rob it of its No. 1 spot in Amazon Hard-Boiled Fiction. I love competing with myself.

GODCHILD has just begin its virtual tour so it will remain at $.99 for the month and we hope to turn on a whole new legion of fans to this Jack Marconi 'Innocent' sequel. It's been consistently selling in the low 40s and high 30s so I expect that to improve soon now that it's my only $.99 offering at the moment.

THE REMAINS will remains at $2.99 for this month and continue to earn a steady stream of fans. I poured my heart out in that novel and I hope it shows.

CONCRETE PEARL, my brand new novel in the new Ava "Spike" Harrison series is about to be released in a couple of weeks. If you like novels with beautiful but brassy and dangerous female leads, this will be the series for you.

There's some other things happening. A special edition combo with noir, Edgar-winning great, Dave Zeltserman, DYING MEMORIES/GODCHILD, which will also be released this month. Plus my agent Chip MacGregor will be at the BEA representing all my books in one capacity or another. Thus far we have a deal in the works for Norwegian foreign rights, and I'm told others are imminent.

Besides all that, I will be at work on Moonlight 3 and 4, DEATH BY MOONLIGHT and MOONLIGHT CRASHES...

Still don't believe indie publishing is the future yet????

Thanks again for all your support, and Happy Spring! And thanks once again to my friends and publisher, StoneHouse/StoneGate Ink! You ROOOOOOCKKKK!!!


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