Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Bestselling "Silver Bullet" Revisited: Bestselling Author J.Carson Black Chimes In!

"The Killer Bestselling Author... Don't rust that smile for a minute!"

My friend and colleague J.Carson Black and I have a pretty good dialogue going about what makes a bestselling Kindle and E-Book (or paper book for that matter) as opposed to what might sink one. Her books are not only beautiful she knows her chops as an author and her audience is growing by leaps and bounds, as she sells around 2,000 Kindles per day alone. She mentions below that she made it a goal to chase me down in the ranks, and she did so, and surpassed me. Now this is the kind of "friendly" competition I can sink my teeth into (see why writers can't be married to one another????). Now here this J, I'm comin' back after ya!!!!

As for her take on the question, "Is there a silver bullet to bestselling novel?" I give you:

I really do think people make their own luck. There are many things that go into a bestselling book. Quality is number one, but there are other factors, and some of these are… amorphous at best. Selling well starts off with a good product, great packaging, a willingness to make choices as they come up, learning from your mistakes, and dropping to 99 cents when the evidence is overwhelming that you should do so. But I also think it helps to watch and learn from those who are ahead of you, and try not just to emulate them, but to consciously try to get where they are. It's like a long-distance runner who sees the runner ahead of him and sets out to reach him. I certainly kept my eye on Vince and tried to chase him down. (I didn't exactly think of myself as a missile acquiring a target, but that’s the idea.)

There have been studies that overweight people are friends with other overweight people. I’m sure that’s true in a number of categories—like seeking like for friendship, comfort, and inspiration; people unconsciously seeing themselves in others. I knew I had a good book, so I thought, why not see myself in really good company? I don’t view that as wishful thinking. I view it as a goal. There are many goals that can lead you to where you want to be, and trying to chase Vince down was one of mine.


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