Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm selling more books than Stephen King right now.
Kindle E-Books to be even more specific.
And I have been for about a month now since THE INNOCENT broke the Amazon Kindle TOP 100 and settled into the TOP 10 where it's been holding under the No. 5 spot for more than two weeks.

You with me here????

Believe me when I tell you, I am super proud of this accomplishment. So is my indie publisher, StoneGate Ink. But here's where it gets a little sticky for me. When I look at The New York Times Bestseller list for "E-Books," it lists the first two bestsellers, The Lincoln Lawyer, followed by Water for Elephants, but then it skips me and lists The Land of Painted Caves as next in line...far as I can tell, "Painted Caves" doesn't appear anywhere on the Amazon Top Ten.

What am I missing here?

THE INNOCENT has sold almost 50,000 copies in the past FOUR weeks alone. It's currently moving around 2000 to upwards of 3,000 units per day. My novels GODCHILD and THE REMAINS follow close in its wake. All combined (and I'm not even including the ten to fifteen copies per day MOONLIGHT FALLS (RJBuckley) sells at $8.99), I'm looking at around 3,000 to 3,500 Kindle units moved per day. Yet the NYT doesn't acknowledge it.

Could it be that my Barnes and Nobles sales, although good, haven't quite caught up to the Amazon sales?

Could it be that THE INNOCENT was published previously under a Random House imprint?

Could it be that I'm a traditionally pub'd indie?

Should my agent be getting on the horn?

I don't have the answers. But I've seen evidence where even self-pub'd authors will on occasion be included in the list. Like Amanda Hocking or Debbie Mack. But maybe their inclusion is not the norm. Because if the NYT were to include more self-pub'd and indie authors, I believe they would dominate the list. LJ Sellers would be there. Joe Konrath would be there. Aaron Patterson would be there. CJ West, and so on, and so forth.

Ok, I couldn't be happier about this past month, and I could not be more thankful. But I'm just curious as to how the NYT decides what to include in their list and what not to include, and well, if it even matters anymore.

However, how cool would it be to tell my parents I made the NYT list or USA Today?

My guess is that if I hang in there, and keep writing good books, it will happen. But by then, I might not really care all that much about it....Ah, who you kiddn' Zandri, yes you will!!!



  1. And really it's all about mom's and dad's approval isn't it? For everyone?

  2. The NYT isn't ready to throw out the establishment and allow the new technologies/publishing in.