Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy Blogs More Powerful than The New York Times

"She also loves to review the latest and greatest!"

It's not only the golden age of publishing for indie published and self-published authors, it's become the heyday of the so-called, "Mommy Blog." The Mommy Blog differs from the likes of the New York Times Book Review in that these are blogs that are run primarily by amateurs. In other words, no conglomerate owner sitting in a tall tower with a brainless babe on his right hand and an accountant on the other, is cutting a check to them for reading, evaluating, writing, and posting reviews of the latest novels.

There is a freedom that comes with being a Mommy Blogger that one might not appreciate as a professional in that they are not told what to review, nor are they influenced in any way in what to review simply because a major publisher is paying for a quarter page ad in the paper. They simply do what they want to do out of love for the game. And some of them, like Cheryl of CMASH LOVES TO READ BLOG SPOT, are not only making their voices heard across the cyber-book review continuum, they are drawing a huge following not only of readers and writers, but also indie publishers and Big 6 legacy publishers.

I often give speeches and talks regarding the new age of publishing, especially that of E-Books vs. paper. And I am always going on about how the Mommy Blog circuit is more important than being reviewed in The New York Times.


First off, it's unlikely that any of us indies will be reviewed in the NYT at all, no matter how many books we sell. Even having published two books with Big 6 legacy publishers, I was ignored by the crime reviewer there, even while getting reviews like the one I got from The New York Post for THE INNOCENT (then, As Catch Can): "Brilliant...Masterful...Sensational!" Simply said, there's only so much space and way too many books out there. And if the writer chooses to ignore you, tosses your ARC in the trash and forgets about it.

Secondly, even if the "Times" reviews me, the real-time news only lasts for that Sunday. But it's different with some of the Mommy Blogs like Cheryl's. She has taken a personal interest in my work, just like several other bloggers have. They not only review all my publications including digital shorts, but they often involve me in live chats, guest blogs, interviews, blog talk radio, and even in the case of The G-Zone's Giovanni Gelati, co-authoring Improvised Digital Shorts.

Behold the power of the Mommy Blog and I am indebted to people like Cheryl who go out of their way to push an author they believe in, much like reviewers such as Edwin Wilson and Dorothy Parker used to do for Hemingway way back in the early part of the 20th century.

With that said, Cheryl has written a blog (at the behest of another brilliant author/blogger, Bri Clark), about the first time she came into contact with yours truly. Take it away Cheryl!

Vincent it all began...

I was a newbie to the review and blogging world, still learning the ropes. I received an email through GR from this "so called author,” similar to what Bri said, but a smooth opening line to bring attention for his book. "Did I live near where he went to college" and "oh btw, you might like to read my book"? I explained that I was currently reviewing for publishers and publicists but would put it on my personal tbr list. Ironically, the next week, a company I used to review for put a call out for reviewers for his book, Moonlight Falls, and I jumped at the opportunity. Thinking that he was a debut author, it was probably going to be an average read. Was I wrong! It was genius story telling. A novel that I couldn't put down…I was hooked. In addition, since reading his first book, I have read them all and am anxiously awaiting his newest book yet to be released, Concrete Pearl.

Not only is he a master at writing, but I admire and respect that he still connects with his audience and/or fans. One Sunday on my blog, we had a "Live Day with Vincent Zandri" whereas my followers would drop by, ask questions, and/or leave comments and Vin would answer and/or respond. Anytime I have posted a review of his books, he always leaves a comment thanking me. He knows that his success is due to the consumer and he hasn't forgotten them as he climbs the ladder to the Number 1 spot. To this day, I know if I just send an email to say hi or to touch base with him, within minutes there will be a response. Vincent Zandri a phenomenal author, but a down to earth and genuine guy!



  1. I agree that Mommy Bloggers carry more weight but less prestige - you can't have it all.
    Do you think that bloggers actually sell books?

  2. Without a doubt my friend...especially if they champion your cause:)

  3. I wonder if my blog constitutes as a "mommy blog"