Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aaron Patterson: My Bestselling Big Little Bro and Maverick Indy Publisher

"The breakout bestseller by Aaron Patterson, writer and publisher!"

About a year ago I decided that I would be content with publishing the occasional novel, maybe selling a few copies here and there, gathering some good reviews, and that would be that. I'd continue with my freelance journalism, travel, maybe down the road teach at a creative writing program. But the thought of once more making a living as a fiction writer no longer seemed like reality.

Then my agent at the time, Janet Benrey, told me that she was working on a deal for me with Aaron Patterson of StoneHouse Ink. StoneHouse was an E-Book-first publisher who also published in trade paper, but only after the E-Books made a splash. I remember being not only skeptical about the whole thing, I also remember being sort of, well, pissed off. E-Books??? You kidding? Are E-Books even real?

In the end however, I agreed to give it a shot. My career was going nowhere anyway, so what could it hurt?

Later that same week I spoke with Aaron, and not only did he begin to educate me on how E-Books were resurrecting formerly Big Six published writers like myself, but also how they were making bestselling authors like himself wealthy enough to start a publishing venture of his own. What he also showed me was evidence that one day in the not too distant future, E-Books would become the dominant reading format, even beating out mass market paper.

That was a year ago, and in that time Aaron and I have become both work partners and brothers, he being the bigger little brother, and me being the smaller big brother. As his guest blog will point out, my career has not only experienced the kind of "Lazarus moment" that every Hero-to-Zero writer like me can ever hope for, I'm now looking at apartments in New York City.

Thanks for giving me the shot, dude. You pulled me from out of the depths of obscurity and desperation. The stage is yours:

Okay people, I know you are watching what is going on with Vin’s books with amazement as well as dread. It really is amazing and the proof that blog tours and online marketing works, yet you say to yourself, “Now this is all we are going to hear about!

Well, yeah. But if you were about to sell 100,000 copies of your book on ONE MONTH, you might be just a little excited as well. Now the author part of you wants to know how, the why and if you might be able to do the same thing. The answer is yes, well, maybe… I don’t know. If I had the silver bullet I would be one rich dude, but all I have is a list of things that we at StoneHouse Ink/StoneGate Ink are doing and maybe just maybe it will work for you.

Story time! Yay!!!

Vin has three full length novels with us and a few Digital Shorts. The Remains was the first and we have two more coming out this year if he would write just a little faster. However, The Innocent is the star right now. Just three months ago, this book was selling around 50 copies a month on Amazon. After running a blog tour he jumped to 21,000 copies sold last month. This is a huge jump and once he made the top 10 on Amazon it kept up its climb.

Now we are sitting at a projected 100,000 copies for this month. Now you might say in your judgmental way that the book is only a buck, blah… blah… blah… I say, so!?

At a buck if you sell 100,000 books at .35 a book you end up with $35,000 bucks. When was the last time you made that in one month? Ever? With a book? Enough said. But this is not the end of the story. His other titles are moving along with The Innocent. Godchild is about to break the top 50, The Remains is priced at 2.99 and so close to hitting the top 100 it hurts. It is a group effort and as one books goes up so do all of them.

I call this the “Apple Zone.” Apple is the king of low price and volume. This is our model as well. We figure if we make our eBooks priced low, we will sell more and in turn make more. So everyone is happy, you the reader are happy cuz you only had to pay max of 3 bucks, we are happy cuz we made money, so the only person out is the bookstores. (That is a subject for a different time)

Now the How.

Online marketing like Facebook, twitter, blogging etc… Blog tours, reaching out and talking, going to shows and meeting people. All this adds up to a powerhouse of reach! Remember that, reach. The more you reach out the more you sell.

To sum it up, get online, get out, and be a friend. People buy from who they like. Do people like you? Do you pound them with your book and look like an Amway salesperson? Try not talking about your book… Maybe promote some other author’s book. All ideas. Will it work for you? I am not sure, but what can it hurt?

Aaron Patterson

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  1. OK Aaron magic as usual...

    Vince I just have two questions. 1.Couldn't find a picture that fit big little bro? and 2.Apartments in NYC huh? what is it like 300 squft? I heard that living there is one of the most expensive places in the world. I guess you are the big shot now. Congrats.

  2. Thanks Vin, it is all big font and junk, nice! Just don't tell everyone that we bought all the eBooks ourselves to pad the ranking. =)