Saturday, March 5, 2011

REAL TIME BLOG: Those Mountains Aren't Real

"Those mountains aren't real...Well I guess they are. The band was on hand for my arrival!"

Been up 24 hours,
Cracking a bottle of "Ottakringer" in an Austrian hotel over looking a clock tower that over looks the alps. Or should I say the Alps overlook the clock tower that over looks the hotel that overlooks me.
Or are those stunning women dressed in black tights and knee high boots real?
Could those mammoth mountains be real? Or a fake Hollywood backdrop?
Maybe I'm dreaming.
Back up a little...
Germany was subdued, the architecture in Munich a mix of new eco-friendly, 1970s era utilitarian office box, and some traditional old Bavarian. A college kid drinking Red Lable from the bottle nearly got vaporized by a red train as it sped past the platform doing at least 120 K/hr. He nearly puked in fright, but kept on drinking and trying to laugh it off. He trembled.
Tonight, an Austrian meal of deer meat and potatoes and cold beer.
Tomorrow a run on the river, a meet-up with friends and the train to Venice....
Good night....


  1. That's great. One question are the women in black tights and knee high boots where trench coats?

  2. I don't know...Let me ask her, she's lying next to me....Ha!