Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THE INNOCENT Book Reviews & Rants!

"Formerly known as As Catch Can, which didn't exactly catch on back then, but is sticking pretty well now, thanks to StoneGate Ink!"

It's sometimes a little daunting seeing nothing but 5-Star reviews being posted for one of your noir novels. And believe me, that ain't no boast because I've gotten my share of "you suck(s)" during my time as an author.

But these recent reviews for THE INNOCENT are sweeter than normal since they're for a re-released novel that used to be called As Catch Can and that was so mishandled by its original Big 6 publisher back in the late 90s and early 2000s that after paying me a boatload of money and even after two pre-pub articles in Publishers Weekly plus some nifty foreign rights sales, the powers that be allowed it to slip under the radar during a corporate restructuring. Oh, and then the publisher wouldn't let me have my rights back for years, effectively placing MY WORK (my F'N BABY!) in a cryogenic state.

Heartless Greedy Bastards.

Well now I have the book back. It's filling your E-readers, Nooks and Kindles; it's a bestseller on three Amazon lists, it's getting awesome reviews (just like it did the first time), and it's going to make me a lot of money from this point on.

Take that Irwin!!!!

I give you:

Socrates' Book Reviews: Review and Book Giveaway: The Innocent by Vincent Zandri

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